What Others Say About Nip in the Bud

It is a very well researched and presented tool to impart information and training . It is accessible and considers the voice of the child. The visual impact through short videos with specialist commentary targets the significant points where answers are sought.

This has been a real eye opener. I will be more vigilant in addressing children’s needs in the classroom.

The training made me think about children who are ‘hidden but suffering’.

Course curriculum

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    Course Introduction

    • Welcome

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    Conduct Disorders Support Resources

    • Video: Conduct Disorders in Children

    • Video: Oppositional Defiant Disorder: Raising a Child with ODD and ADHD

    • Video: Tips for Teachers & people working with children with Conduct Disorder or ODD

    • Fact Sheets to help recognise potential mental health conditions in children

    • Where to go to for help

    • Additional Training Resources

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    Course Summary

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