What Others Say About Bridge The Gap

Really good informative training. I would recommend this course to colleagues. It helps to support more vulnerable children, unpick what emotions are, and then discusses how we can support emotional development and mental health in school.

Just attended a session on supporting children with anxiety with Bridge the Gap. It was brilliantly informative, offering strategies that could be used and implemented easily and with little cost. Both ladies were happy to answer any and all questions, even staying after the event to answer still more questions. Would definitely recommend their services.

What a wonderful empowering workshop from Jennifer Wyman last night! We learned so much about child development, the effects of trauma, and what causes childhood trauma, behaviours in each stage of child development... Not to mention the psychology of ourselves, and how we can improve our communication between home and school.

Course Overview

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Weclome

  • 2

    Emotional Literacy

    • Video - An introduction to Emotional Literacy

    • Video - Emotional Development

    • Video - Emotions Change

    • Video - Emotional Contagion

    • Video - I Feel Statements

    • Video - De-escalation Strategies (support document provided)

    • Download - Emotional Literacy handbook and PowerPoint

    • Top 10 Emotional Literacy Resources - Supporting Child Emotional Development - Family Wellbeing

  • 3

    Act Therapy (Well being)

    • Video - ACT Therapy Introduction

    • Video - The Happiness Trap

    • Video - Mindfulness

    • Video: Growth Mindset

  • 4

    Course Summary

    • Thank you