• Do I pay for T.I.M.E through the site?

    No. Email hello@time-training.com with the name of your school, a rough number of employees and whether or not you are inquring about T.I.M.E for one or multiple schools. A member of the T.I.M.E team will email back and support your purchase of T.I.M.E for your whole school community.

  • Once purchased, who has access to the platform?

    Your whole school community will have access to T.I.M.E for one year. This includes teachers/staff, parents/guardians and for secondary school, the students.

  • How do Primary students access the platform.

    Students under the age of 12 and/or in Primary school will be able to use the content in two ways. 1. The students teacher can access the student section and download whole class material. 2. Child and family based activities are on the parent platform so parents/guardians can sign up to T.I.M.E to work through some of the courses with their child.

  • After purchasing T.I.M.E how will our community gain access. (Students and staff)

    It is advised that the school send us a list of their staff and students so they can be enrolled on the T.I.M.E platform. This takes 24 hours. We always advise the data is sent in a password protected spreadsheet with the password provided to us separate to the email.

  • How will parents/guardians have access to the platform.

    The school will receive a digital form for parents/guardians to complete. This form asks for the parents/guardians name, their childs school and what year the child is in. They shall also provide a valid email address. Once we receive this data we can enroll the parent on to the platform.

  • What if the school do not want to send all staff and student email addresses.

    At T.I.M.E we respect every schools different stance on the sharing of data. We advise that it is possible for a member of staff for a subscribed school can request access for them and/or their students on a one by one basis. This is done through emailing hello@time-training.com using the subject heading "access request". Please note, as this method is less automated we cannot guarantee a 24 hour turnaround.