Baasit Siddiqui -

Director of Siddiqui Education.

Baasit Siddiqui is the managing director of Siddiqui Education Ltd. He has combined his ten years of teaching expertise with his unique journey and television connections as one of the “Siddiqui’s” on the BAFTA and NTA winning television show “Gogglebox”,to create Siddiqui Education. Since 2018, the organisation has successfully educated, motivated and raised the  aspirations of disadvantaged school children across the UK. Baasit has worked with over a hundred schools building effective customer relationships through virtual Keynotes and CPD sessions. Throughout his time as an educator, public figure and entrepreneur, Baasit has developed his skill set and built a strong foundation of support from collaborators equally as committed to supporting students and teachers. Baasit brings experience of transitioning from teaching to running a business and a wealth of connections in the EdTech and global learning community. 

Katie Stickley -

Director of Did Teach.

Katie Stickley is a highly effective educator who has worked at a range of levels in the secondary sector. Spotting a niche, she established  Did Teach a digital platform and job board that helps teachers diversify their income or find new careers within or outside of the education sector. Katie is passionate about helping those who have dedicated most of their professional lives to helping young people. Did Teach has over 8,000 subscribers and its website receives 14,000 visits per month. Katie also has strong connections with both startups and market leaders in the UK’s rapidly expanding EdTech sector. Did Teach has been running teacher only, career workshops for over 2 years focusing on CV writing, interview techniques and career coaching.

Why T.I.M.E?

Both Baasit and Katie have a shared goal in empowering teachers at every stage of their personal and professional journey. Whether its through career progression or helping educators diversify their skill set to develop their pedagogy T.I.M.E is all about options. 

A vital part of a school community is the synergy between educators, students and their family. Baasit and Katie believe T.I.M.E is able to support the whole community through this one platform.