What Others Say About Let's Podcast (Family)

Let's Podcast helps to develop childrens ICT skills as well as building their confidence in communication, team building and planning.

A great mix of practical "how to" videos that talk you through making a Podcast step by step, but there are also useful theory videos to help you plan your own Podcast.

Short, sharp practical videos which help children develop their confidence in creating professional Podcasts.

Course Overview

Suggested Audience Age: KS2, 3, 4 and 5

  • 1


    • Introduction to Let's Podcast By Baasit Siddiqui

  • 2

    The History of Podcasts

    • Worksheet Download

    • The History of Podcasts

    • Rate your understanding of the History of Podcasts

  • 3

    A Bit More About Podcasts

    • Worksheet Download

    • A Bit More About Podcasts Video

    • Rate your understanding of Podcasts

  • 4

    Choosing a Podcast Topic

    • Worksheet Download

    • Choosing a Podcast Topic

    • Rate your understanding of Podcast Topics

  • 5

    Choosing a Podcast Format

    • Worksheet Download

    • Choosing a Podcast Format

    • Rate your understanding of Podcast Formats

  • 6

    Podcast Structure

    • Worksheet Download

    • Podcast Structure

    • Rate your understanding of Podcast Structure

    • Your Podcast Idea

  • 7

    Record Your Podcast

    • Using These Videos

    • Use a Mobile Phone to Record Your Podcast

    • Record Your Podcast Using Zoom

    • Rate your understanding of recording a Podcast

  • 8

    Converting an Audio File

    • Using this Video

    • Converting your Audio File

    • Rate your Understanding of Converting an Audio File

  • 9

    Add Music to Your Podcast

    • Using These Videos

    • Add Music to your Podcast

    • Rate Your Understanding of Chrome Music Lab

  • 10

    Create Your Podcast and Remove Background Noise

    • Using This Video

    • Create Your Podcast

    • Removing Background Noise In Audacity

    • Rate Your Understanding of Audacity

  • 11

    Export Your Podcast

    • Using This Video

    • Export your podcast from Audacity as an MP3

    • Rate Your Understanding of Exporting a Sound File

  • 12

    Uploading Your Podcast to the Internet

    • Using This Video

    • Uploading Your Podcast to SoundCloud

    • Rate Your Understanding of Uploading Your Podcast Online