What Others Say About this Course

The tasks were challenging yet engaging and developed the students creativity, team working and presentation skills! Some of the students partaking struggle to get engaged and partake however during this session they did.

The students were clearly using and improving their skills in communication, team work and creativity as well as improving in confidence and self-esteem.

Course Overview

Suggested Audience Age: KS2, 3, 4 and 5

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    • Getting Started

    • The Let's Pitch It Booklet

    • Let's Pitch It Video Guide (Signing and Subtitles)

    • Let's Pitch It Video Guide (Signing)

    • Let's Pitch It Presentation: You can use this instead of the video (Great for teachers)

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    Course Completion

    • Thank You!

    • Upload your Let's Pitch It Booklet

    • Upload your Let's Pitch It Video Trailer

    • How Did We Do?